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Is this a trend? Did I miss a memo? Are shattered pink roses The Next Big Thing?

Before We Met

January 2014

The Husband's Secret

June 2013


January 2014

These are all recent books, published within six months of each other. Three different publishers, one basic idea. What gives???

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Computer Classes

This is a visual representation of the computer class I taught yesterday, when the instructor terminal rebooted every 10-15 minutes of the entire two hour class:

This is a visual representation of the Computer class Cleery taught today, when the students’ terminals shut down for no apparent reason:

It’s not been a stellar week for computer classes at the library. Thank heavens I have a four day weekend to recover!

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Wikipedia Tutorial

Thanks mom!

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Sassy Gay Friend

Ah ha ha! Yes, this is pretty much how I feel about this book. There are other picture books I dislike more, but this one is right up there. Thanks, Sassy Gay Friend, for saying what I’ve always wanted to!

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these, so here we go.

8 Things Twilight Has Ruined (Besides Vampires)

And a friend of mine saw this atrocity in a bookstore recently:

This edition came out in 2007; it more or less matches the cover design for the other C. S. Lewis books (like this one), and yet. And yet.

Yeah, no.

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From here

I really shouldn’t complain, because it’s not as bad in Minnesota as it is in so many other places, and generally speaking the libraries in the Twin Cities are doing ok, but. There are things we can’t offer, materials we can’t afford, and positions we can’t fill. And it just wears a person down some days.

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