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The Lure of Shoes: Cultural Connections 1840-2007

This Hennepin History Museum exhibition uses shoes from the HHM permanent collections as a backdrop for a collection of shoes from those who work, play, heal, protect, defend, prosecute, paint, make music, drive buses, cabs, fire engines, dance, act, give us the news, enthrall us on the radio, cook, save lives, and just try to get by in Hennepin County. The exhibition will showcase a spectacular collection of vintage wedding shoes, slippers, carriage boots, stiletto pumps, clogs, wedgies, sandals, platforms, hiking boots, and a superb collection of children’s and infants shoes. The show will be tastefully accessorized by vintage handbags, purses, and a few suitably chosen hats.

Hennepin History Museum

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I am going to participate in the MELSA bookcart drill team.

Now I just need to find a gown and tiara. This looks promising…

Also, I will have to figure which of my fabulous shoes are appropriate parade shoes. I wouldn’t want to break a heel, after all.


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