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The reason for this picture is here. (Via Liz B.)


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Dream Boots

I have found the boots I want most in all the world:

Sadly, they are very spendy. Even I, the Queen of the Enablers, Mistress of Shoes, cannot talk myself into buying these. But, oh, how I want them!

(Should anyone have a spare $500 burning a hole in their pocket and feel moved to help me out, you can buy them here. My size is 6.5, although 7 will do in a pinch.)

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Two of the stylists at the salon asked me where I got my shoes. For the record, they are Steve Madden, and I got them about a year ago at DSW.

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Duck and Friend

Via here.

I realized that I don’t have very many ducks posted here, and must remedy that. Believe it or not, I have more rubber ducks than I do shoes.

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From DOA, With Love

I don’t think I’m this bad, although I do like shoes. Mr. Lush thinks I have too many, but what does he know?

The story looks to be a bit fluffy for my taste, so I don’t think I’ll read it. This though, I could get behind. Now if only someone would buy it for me…

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In Other News

I also got a ton of compliments on my shoes today, including from a little old lady at the library. One of the receptionists at my chiropractor’s apparently checks out what shoes I’m wearing every time I’m in. She liked these too.

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I am feeling smug.

When we were closed for renovations October-January, we were not whiners. Go us! The County recognized our not-whining attitude, and we all got to chose a reward. I picked a MOA gift card, reasoning that I could buy shoes, or Lush, or something.

I spent my gift card today at DSW, because I also had a $10 reward to sweeten the deal. I got these shoes.

My total was $29.95 after my gift card and coupon kicked in; DSW is selling the shoes for a lot less than Zappos is!

I also saw a cute pair of brown t-straps, but they didn’t have them in my size. Considering the awesome deal I got on the shoes I did buy, I think I can afford to get them.

Yay new shoes!

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