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So it appears I can talk myself into ridiculously awesome and expensive shoes…if I forgo something else I want. I’ve been saving for a new tattoo; I don’t have quite enough money for that yet, but I do have enough to buy the boots. (They’re not really $500, that was a slight exaggeration for effect.)

The options are:

  • I can get the tattoo in early 2011, save another couple of months for the boots, and hope they’re still available in the size and color I want.


  • I can buy the boots now, and save for another six months or so for the tattoo and consider it a birthday present to myself.

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi internet hivemind, you’re my only hope!

Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

ETA: I closed the poll on 12/4 because I bought the boots. Yay boots!

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Decision Time!

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