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Nothing Too Interesting

I think I’m coming down with something, so I don’t have much to say today. Hopefully this will be my one and only bout of illness for the whole winter. I hope the extra hour of sleep tonight will make me feel better.

Cutest Buddha ever, photographed when we visited the Hase Kannon Temple in Japan.

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As someone who speaks other languages, I found this article (and its accompanying slideshow) to be fascinating: Shanghai Is Trying to Untangle the Mangled English of Chinglish

There’s not a lot of mangled English in the European countries I’ve been to (oh sure, you can find it, but it’s not endemic), but when Mr Lush and I were in Japan last year, we did find some gems. My absolute favorite was this rather extensive list of rules in the hotel we stayed at in Hakone:

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Mr Lush and I ate delicious ramen when we were in Japan–how could we not? (Yes, I ate sushi too, and it was delectable.) I wish we had had time to explore more ramen shops, and I wish we had not chickened out from ordering from a machine and then taking our ticket inside to get our ramen because that would have been a super cool experience.

And now, after reading this article, I am craving ramen. It does not help that this time last year was when we were getting ready to go to Hawaii and then Japan, and this year we are going nowhere. Can I even get authentic Japanese ramen in Minnesota? Doubtful.


One Noodle at a Time in Tokyo

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Modern Life

If Only Literature Could Be a Cellphone-Free Zone

Even with the seeming ubiquity of cellphones, there are still plenty of opportunities for missed connections, not to mention the fact that not everyone has a cellphone. Yet. When Mr Lush and I were in Japan, for example, our cellphones didn’t work at all since they aren’t 3G, and we never managed to find any wifi signals either. Totally incommunicado for 10 days, except for the very occasional (and expensive) Internet café visit.

Personally, I’m more impressed by authors (and film makers) who incorporate new technologies rather than look for clever ways to circumvent them.

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These are two of my very favorite things that I purchased in Japan:

Girls India!


Tetris DS

Well, and the kimono and obi. But I don’t have any pictures yet, mostly because I have absolutely no idea how to correctly tie the obi.

And this limited edition, only available in Japan, Retro Lush gift:

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