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Sorted This Way

I’d be in Ravenclaw, but the sentiment remains.

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I wrote a sonnet about my ferns yesterday. It’s roughly Shakespearean, although I did wimp out and not write the whole thing in iambic pentameter.

Athyrium Niponicum Sonnet

Oh these, my six Japanese Painted Ferns;
How I dread your being killed by the sun.
I hope your roots are protected from worms,
And that you continue as you‘ve begun.
I promise to water you faithfully,
To always keep your bed so well-tended.
In return you must swear to grown for me.
Do not let my efforts be expended
In vain! I want you to grow and flourish,
To be strong, and become lush and quite green.
Your soil I vow constantly to nourish.
Finally I will have reason to preen.
For my yard generally is a mess,
And I wish all my neighbors to impress.

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As you consume too much food today, please take a moment to enjoy this NSFW song about Thanksgiving…and “Star Wars.”

Edited to add:

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Fun With Fonts

I’m Comic Sans, Asshole

Llama font

This is the first thing that came up for a Google search of “font humor.” It contains my new favorite Lady Gaga parody.


Because it’s Saturday, that’s why.

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Good Eggs

The Great Gatsby Game

Go. Play. It. NOW.

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Stuff and Things

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Library Lovers Day – 14th February 2011

Pretty self-explanatory. I can only hope that BBC America airs this at some point.
Why DO we all love Mr Darcy? In a fascinating new TV series, author Sebastian Faulks reveals why we find some literary characters so irresistible

I ❤ Wil Wheaton more than ever for this. *sniffle*
librarians are awesome

Preaching to the choir, I know, but still.
Beyond books: what it takes to be a 21st century librarian

Ron Charles talks about his favorite books of the year. I think I need to watch more of his videos!
The best novels of 2010

Things like this are why I’m so frustrated that my library system isn’t allowed to have any social media presence.
New HootSuite Case Study ~ New York Public Library Success

See previous comment.
8 Ways to Find Great Social Media Content

This only reinforces that I’m a Millennial, rather then Gen-X (my birth year straddles the line dividing the two). It’s very interesting to see how the technologies break down by generation.
Generations and their gadgets

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2010 in Books

I read 188 books in 2010. (Well, ok, I haven’t finished that last one yet, but I will later tonight.) The 188 books break down thusly, although there are some overlapping categories:

  • 68 adult fiction, 3 of which were short story collections
  • 62 YA fiction, 1 of which was a short story collection
  • 22 adult non-fiction
  • 20 children’s fiction
  • 11 biographies/memoirs
  • 8 graphic novels
  • 6 picture books
  • 3 true crime
  • 2 children’s non-fiction

And in an on-going effort to not just read Books By and Featuring White People, 44 of the 187 were either written by non-white authors or prominently featured non-white characters. On an interesting side note, I read 119 books in 2009 and 106 books in 2008, which is an increase of 13 titles; the increase from 2009 to 2010 is 68 titles. I guess I read a lot of thin books this year…?

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