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Cake Lady

My favorite cake lady came back again! Today we looked for:


scroll work


Zen flower arranging

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More cake!

The cake lady came back!! Today it was microphones.

I’ll try and remember to scan in my airbus pictures and post them as well.

Her site.

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I got pictures of cake today. And this makes me happy. 🙂

A few weeks ago, I tracked down some pictures of a certain type of airbus for a patron. She is a baker, and needed the pictures so she could make a cake for a client–a client who had not come to the bakery with any sort of visual aid. Now, from my watching of Ace of Cakes (not to mention my common sense), I know this is a no-no. Luckily I was able to save the day by finding several images like this, and was effusively thanked by the baker.

Today she brought in pictures of the completed cake for me. I feel like a rock star!

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