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We’ve had Lush Puppy for *just* shy of seven months, so I figured it was time for another video. He’s a good dog. 🙂

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Lush Puppy

By popular demand, here are some photos of Lush Puppy that I’ve put up on FB. Now I’ve made a lovely animoto video for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy.

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2009 MN State Fair

I had been sick with the flu that week, but thought I was better enough for a day at the Fair. I was wrong! We were only at the Fair for about 2.5 hours, and didn’t really go into any of the barns or exhibit halls. I didn’t eat very much either, just a corn dog, some candied almonds, and a Nutella crêpe, plus some of Mr Lush’s roasted corn; also lemonade and chocolate milk. (Mr Lush had deep fried cheese on a stick, a sausage sampler, a Carribean beef patty, roasted corn, lemonade, and plain milk. I may have forgotten all of what he ate, but I think that was it.) We went on the Sky Ride for the first time, which was fun. Leaving at 2:30 has certain advantages, including missing the truly massive crowds, and not having to scrum to get on a bus to go back home.

There were close to 1.8 million visitors to the Fair this year, which is a record.

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I love Animoto! It’s a fabulous service, and I simply cannot say enough good things about it. I’ve used it for both work and personal presentations, I’ve installed their app on my phone, and I’ve even downloaded some videos to my phone as well.

My favorite videos so far are:
our wii bowling event
my trip to Japan
my floral reaction/tribute to Perfume

I will return to this Thing when I am at home with access to all of my pictures, and can explore other services.

I’ll be honest: I don’t like any of the other slideshow tools as much as you-know-what. Some of them are better than others, but I really think that Animoto does it best.

I made this silly picture featuring topiary deer on Captioner. It amuses me.

This also amuses me: my very own loldeer! Made at rolfbot.

I wanted to make something awesome with CaptionBubble (I have the perfect picture from Japan) but I was unable to get my photo to upload, either from my computer of from Flickr. That was annoying.

I don’t have enough pictures on Flickr to make a Flickrmosaic, which was disappointing. But I made this on Image Mosaic Generator:

I don’t really have enough pictures on Flickr to make a good slideshow (I don’t want to pay to upload *all* my photos), but none of these tools really grabs me in any case. I didn’t really like the effects that the comics tools use.

Made on Tiltshift, which I really think is fun:

I made this on Picnik; it was really fun to play with the intensity and saturation!

This was really fun–I really like manipulating pictures, and any of these tools can do amazing things. Definitely things I will explore in more depth. I realize I was supposed to tell a story, but I honestly had too much fun playing around to create a structured narrative (I also don’t have a lot of photos with people in them). Perhaps later…

All the photos I used are ones that I took, if you’re wondering.

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Japan Video

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Hawaii Video

This is the only way I can get the video to post. Yay Animoto app, boo lack of ease in getting video into blog!

Hey there, Floating Lush has shared a video with you that was made on her iPhone! You can watch it on your iPhone or your computer by following this link:


If you like it, why don't you try creating one yourself? You can get our app (for free!) in the app store with your iPhone, or in a regular web browser just head here:



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Rescue Animals

We had a program with rescue animals today. So! Cute!

Officer Carl and Mike

Blossom and Phineas

Tri (you can’t tell from this picture, but he only has three legs)

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