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23. The End

I enjoyed playing with the 23 Things, although I did not learn anything earth shattering. Many of them I was already familiar with, and the ones that I was not were generally not too hard to figure out. I did appreciate the opportunity to play around hone my skills. 🙂

That being said, I really haven’t changed my overall feelings about Web 2.0: the tools are useful, and it should be part of my professional development to be aware of and comfortable with these things, but Web 2.0 is not the salvation of libraries. Yes, the tools can be used to enhance what a library has to offer, but if the content isn’t already there, nothing can disguise that fact.

Hopefully my library can incorporate some of these Things into our programming. Some of these have great potential for connecting with teens and tweens, and others could be used to enhance what we offer adults. However, anything I would want to use would have to be cleared from the top down; I understand why this is the way it is, but it can be frustrating.

My favorite Things were ones I already play with: LibraryThing, YouTube, social networking, and all of the image/photo sharing. These are the ones I use personally, and the ones that our patrons seem to use the most. Well, those and gaming. But I’m not really a big gamer, so that’s no help.

Some of my least favorite Things were the ones that I don’t really foresee using in my library. I work in a public library, so the time management tools really aren’t something my average patron is interested in. If I am helping someone with a database, I try and point out the features that are helpful. While the wikis and networks could be useful for staff, I run into management approval again.

If 23 More Things were offered, I would participate again. I like the self-paced learning, and this is a quick and painless way to keep abreast of new(ish) web tools.

Final answer: I had fun, even though I’m not on Team 2.0.

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22. What I Learned

Sure, I’ll keep this blog going. I may not say anything interesting, but I can find enough material to post a few times a week. Even if it is just ego stroking or silly quizzes. My big goal is to take the time to figure out how to import a different–and more interesting–template, as the defaults are pretty boring.

In all seriousness, I did appreciate the opportunity to learn a bit more about many of these tools. Some I already knew, and others I encountered for the first time. In any case, it was mostly fun. I’m still not on the 2.0 bandwagon, but now I have a little more ammunition to back my arguments up with.

What have I learned today?
1) I am too short to post flyers without my step stool.
2) I may have been tossing a newsletter that should be kept.
3) Some people are not good at responding to voice mail.

This is neither interesting, nor relevant to 2.0, so I’ll let it be for today.

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21. Other Networks

I gave Ning a whirl a while ago, and really didn’t like it. On cautious reflection and exploration today, it doesn’t seem so bad.

The article had lots of good ideas, but more importantly, clear ways of implementing them. I think that’s my beef with so many of these tools: libraries use them without research, planning, and marketing, and essentially end up 2.0ing into the void.

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20. Social Networks

I’m on Facebook; if you know me IRL, drop a line and I’ll add you. I have some of the silly apps installed, but I don’t really do all that much with my page. Since you do have to register with your real name, it has allowed me to get back in touch with some old friends, and that was an unexpected bonus.

MySpace I don’t like so much–the vast majority of pages are extremely poorly designed, and I just don’t like the layout; I have seen some fantastic pages, but the bulk of them have been less than stellar. The library pages that I’ve looked at have generally ranged from acceptable to poor, but I haven’t done an extensive study. I can cope with it, but I won’t be joining any time soon.

I play on LiveJournal.

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19. Podcasts

I subscribe to this podcast. I’m bad about listening to my downloads right away, but that’s the beauty of it–I can set up iTunes in the way that works best for me; in my case, I keep all the songs, and delete them manually. If I were less deficient, I would subscribe to more, but as it stands, I would be hopelessly buried in about two weeks.

I don’t think I’ll ever leap into doing my own podcasting (see: hates sound of own voice), but much like YouTube this can be a great opportunity to connect with teens. If you have a motivated group, you could produce a weekly or monthly podcast and advertise that fact on the library’s teen page.

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18. YouTube

As is evidenced by the fact that I’ve embedded videos already in this blog, I am quite conversant with YouTube. 🙂

So here’s some more videos I like:

Mr Bean at the Library
Who doesn’t love Mr Bean?

Death Star Canteen–LEGO version
And along those same lines, who doesn’t love Eddie Izzard, especially when reinterpreted in LEGO? (I am also partial to this one. And this one–heck, pretty much all of them. Love!)

Mean Kitty Song
Funny, especially if you have cats.

Potter Puppet Pals and the Mysterious Ticking Noise
I love the Potter Puppet Pals, and this is the best one. Did I mention the parodies? All of them? Really? OK then.

Code Monkey
A Jonathan Coulton song; visuals from Black Heaven.

Why Waldsee is cool
Yes, I was there when this was made; no, I’m not in it.

Spongebob does the classics. Oh, the humanity.

If you are very talented, or have teens with mad skillz, this can be a fun way to be creative about promoting your library and forging good connections with teens. And busting a gut laughing!

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17. ELM

I made a webpage in EBSCO Academic Search Premier. But I’m not sure what the point of this is…? I can see the point of creating my own account (–> I can save searches and results), but I just don’t get this. Did I make a REAL webpage, or is it something else?


I do point out the Folder to people, and I’ve explained how to e-mail an article, but many of these extra tools in ELM are seemed geared towards someone doing serious of research, like a college or graduate student, but of less interest to the casual user. I’m glad I explored and learned, but I don’t know how often I’ll be recommending them.

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16. Student Tools

I will ignore the sophomoric humor of my title, and reflect on the actual assignment.



In one of my graduate classes, we were encouraged to use the Assignment Calculator. Then, as now, I can see the point of this, but it’s not useful to me. I do not think and work in a way that would be aided by this application. (Or the Research Project Calculator, for that matter.) For students who have a hard time getting started, or staying on track, I can see the benefit; I agree that these would be helpful links to have on our Teen page. If teachers in high school or middle school encouraged their students to use these tools, to make them part of the research process in order to help students learn good skill sets before they head off to college, I can see real value.

For the students whose assignment is due ZOMG–yesterday! these are not going to help much.

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15. Gaming

I’ve been playing computer games for approaching 25 years (and now I feel old), but I just don’t enjoy MMOPRGs. I like to play at my own pace with no other involvement. I’ve poked a bit at Second Life, but it doesn’t appeal; I like the puzzels that are in Pirate Puzzels, but I don’t like the forced and fake “interaction” with the other pirates.

If I want to be a pirate, I will play Monkey Island; if I want puzzels I will play Professor Layton or Tetris. And there’s always good old Solitaire. What can I say–my tastes are simple.

Some of my friends really enjoy playing these games (World of Warcraft or City of Heroes / Villains), but if I want to play a game with other people, I prefer to do it face-to-face.

And I don’t like RPGs in person either.

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14. LibraryThing

This is the Thing I have been looking forward to the most. Oh LibraryThing, how I ❤ you!

I love this application so much, I have a lifetime membership, and have cataloged all of the books I own–by ISBN, no less. I have tagged each and every book, and I have faithfully rated them as well. I have made sure that the covers displayed match the covers on my books. I wish I could add my CDs and DVDs too.

Here is the account I made today:

(I do actually own all of these books, but my real account is Top Secret.)

11/2008 ETA: The list is now a reflection of the books I have read since approximately January 2008. Some I own, many I have checked out from the library. I will continue to update it.

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