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I am on Instagram, although I don’t post photos very often. I had been on it, and then deleted my account for…reasons? I’m sure I had reasons, although I no longer remember them. And then I created a new account so I could look at pictures of dogs and shoes and food, because why not. (I’m sure I look at other things too, but that seems to be the bulk of my feed: greyhounds, Fluevogs, and fancy food.)

But an app that I like for sharing photos, that I don’t even remember how I found originally, is Flipagram. Here is one I made of the Travail Soft Opening. It is, if I remember correctly, a free app, but you can pay a small fee one time to have a watermark on your photos. I’m sure there are other in-app purchases, most likely related to music or video length, but that’s the only one I’ve succumbed to so far. And it’s so cool! The library of songs available is very good, and features music you’d actually want to use. And you can then share your pictures of food! To music! And post them on Twitter! #hipstertrifecta

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I have a stylus now, and I used it for this Thing.

In Color Splurge, it was much easier to use my stylus than my finger to add color back in to a picture; fingertips are not precision instruments. And even though my cheap little stylus is by no means the top of the line, it gave me more precision and control than my fat, stubby finger. That being said, even though I think this effect looks cool, I don’t think I’m going to keep this app. It might be free, but it wasn’t worth it to me. The ads opened up too often, and it was buggy and imprecise to use. If I decide I want to do cool things like this with my photos, I will spend money on a good quality app.


LINE Camera is just ridiculous, but fun. You can add stickers and text and sparkles, or whatever your heart desires to your photos. Of course you only get a limited amount in the free version, to get the really good stuff you have to pay. But at least this one didn’t have annoying adds popping open all the time! That being said, I won’t be keeping this one either. It’s fun, but not really anything I need.


I can, however, see the appeal for libraries who have very limited budgets and can’t afford any sort of graphics software–free, buggy apps are better than handmade posters!

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Oh hey, 23 Mobile Things, it’s been a while.

I use Twitter and Facebook regularly, and while I have some of the other accounts mentioned here (g+, anyone?), these are the ones I do the most with. At one point, I was a fairly active GetGlue user, but the apps haven’t worked very well for me since they switched to tvtag, and in all honesty I had stopped using it very much quite a while before the switch. I do have a bunch of physical stickers that I earned, so if anyone wants any random ones, let me know.


What I explored for this was HootSuite, because I like that you can schedule tweets. I am not planning on using it for my own tweeting, because there is nothing going on in my life that is so important I need to schedule tweets to be sent out. But if the proposed library Twitter account does in fact go through, this is a good tool to know about–the dashboard is much better for simultaneously keeping track of your timeline and mentions, because let’s be honest, one of the biggest failings of Twitter has always been its interface. I did for a while experiment with other Twitter apps, and for quite a while used Echofon, but after an update no longer liked the interface, and switched to the Twitter mobile app, which had gotten much better by that time. (The desktop version is still dire, but I almost never tweet from an actual computer, so that’s ok; that’s probably why it’s so bad, they assume their core user group is out, mobile, doing stuff, and if you’re bound to a desktop, you are almost certainly using a third party site anyway.)

Since I use Twitter and Facebook for different things, I’m not interested in apps that smoosh them together, but again, if the library’s Twitter account does materialize, I think we would be wise to explore tools that allow us to do multiple things in a less time consuming way. But that’s a ways off yet, so I’ll just remember this Thing if and when the time comes.

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