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This Thing finally forced me to update my OS. I had been ignoring it for quite a long time for reasons, mainly because I just didn’t want to deal with it. But I did it, and it’s not so bad after all. I guess. It’s a lot brighter than it had been, which I suppose isn’t really a complaint so much as an observation. And I don’t like how my weather app of choice displays after the update, but if the worst thing that happens is that I have to find a new (free) weather app, then it’s probably not a crisis. It’s probably barely even a #firstworldproblem.

I did do some of the stuff suggested in one of the Pocket Lint posts to prolong battery life; I haven’t seen a marked difference, but I think that’s just the nature of the beast. I’d like to update my phone’s OS as well, but it doesn’t currently have enough space on it, and I’m not sure I can fine enough things to delete. So that ship might have sailed.

So I guess that means I’m ready to start Thinging it up.

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23 Moblie Things are finally here! Hooray!

I originally (more or less) started this blog with 23 Things On A Stick and then did 23 More Things as well. So I’m looking forward to the New Things.

My goal for this round will be to do all of the things and all of my posts–excepting this one–on my mobile device, since that’s really the whole purpose of the exercise. And I already have a blogging app installed, so I really don’t have any excuse.

23 Mobile Things

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