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I like to read. A lot. As in when I finish one book, I immediately pick up the next book. And I usually read more than one book at a time–currently I’m reading four books. And also War and Peace, but that’s been languishing for a while, so I’m not counting that. So technically five, but really only four.

I’ve always read like this; sometimes a bit less, like when I was in college and in grad school, but generally speaking *how* I read has stayed the same since I started actively (and I do mean actively) reading on my own. Which was probably around age seven or eight, so second grade-ish.

But it’s only been since 2008 that I’ve started actively keeping a list of what I read, and that was more because I was curious to see how many books I read in a year than anything else. I know I missed some books that first year because I didn’t actually start my list in January, which would have been the sensible thing to do, but then again being sensible isn’t always fun.

This year I’ve read 143 books already. I think there are a few that I didn’t count, picture books that I skimmed at work because they looked interesting, or the newest Elephant and Piggy book. I’m going to end up reading more books this year that I did last year, but I’m not going to make my vague goal of reading 200 books in one year. It’s not a goal that I actively pursue, but some year I’d like to reach it. Some year I’m sure I will. The closest I’ve come so far is 188.


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