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2013 Resolution

I’m going to do it. I’m going to read War and Peace this year. All of it, all 1224 pages.

War and Peace

Wish me luck!

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Books read:

  • Nightingale Wood by Stella Gibbons. I like Cold Comfort Farm better, mostly because I don’t really like the so-called hero of this story. He’s a jerk, and therefore the main romance just didn’t work for me. All of the side stories, however, were delightful, and they made it worth the read.
  • Black Dog written and illustrated by Levi Pinfold. I liked the illustrations better than the story itself, they were vaguely reminiscent of Gris Grimly, although more in spirit than in actual imagery. Still, a fun story for children who are prone to exaggerate.
  • Squids Will Be Squids: Fresh Morals, Beastly Fables written by John Scieszka and illustrated by Lane Smith. Very funny nouveaux fables with sometimes questionable morals, but I would expect no less from Scieszka and Smith. Poor Elephant, he just never learns.

Movies Watched:

  • “Curse of the Golden Flower” Well it was very pretty, but rather confusing, and there wasn’t enough fighting choreography. And everyone died, usually quite messily. But the costumes and sets were lovely.
  • “Wing Chun” This was a lot better! There was a good amount of fight choreography, Michelle Yeoh is awesome, and the story was funny. I enjoyed it.
  • “Brave” I am sorry I did not see this is a theater, it was very really fun. Yes, there are some things I had issues with, but given the average movie aimed at little girls, this was a welcome breath of fresh air. And it had Scottish wolfhounds it in, so that was a nice bonus.
  • “The Artist” I also finally got around to seeing this, which I enjoyed immensely. The use of old and current film techniques was clever, and it was a nice homage to silent films. The casting was great, and the story was compelling. Another one I wish I had seen in the theater.
  • “The Boure Legacy” This wasn’t necessarily a bad movie, but it was nowhere near as good as the other Bourne films. I’m not entirely sure why the franchise was in need of a reboot, but oh well.
  • “Barfi!” I was charmed by this, as was almost everyone else who saw it. I was also thrilled that it wasn’t trite and generally treated its characters with great respect and dignity, which is not always the case in films about people with disabilities, be they made in Hollywood or Bollywood. I will buy this for sure.
  • (Technically my 50th movie was “The Hobbit,” but I’m not going to count that one.)

Grand Totals:

  • Books: 50/50
  • Movies: 50/50

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