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Books read:

  • Winter Rose by Patricia McKillip. I liked it, but with all Patricia McKillip books, I wish she’d occasionally be less dreamy and etherial and pick up the pace. A serviceable Tam Lin retelling, but not my favorite. I will read the sequel at some point.
  • The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors. I really enjoyed this. A sweet original fairytale about history and outcasts and chocolate and magic and love. Very nice to see a disabled heroine who accepted her disability as part of who she was, and who wasn’t magically cured at the end. Her true love loved her, curled foot and all. I’ll probably buy it when it’s out in paperback.
  • Bon Appétit! The Delicious Life of Julia Child written and illustrated by Jessie Hartland. I enjoyed this too, but it was rather busy for a picture book. But I did learn a lot about Julia Child’s life, and although I knew it had been a monumental task to get Mastering the Art of French Cooking published, I had not realized quite how monumental and time consuming it was.
  • Vampirina Ballerina written by Anne Marie Pace and illustrated by LeUyen Pham. Adorable! I want to be a vampire ballerina when I grow up. I really like how supportive her family is, and how each of them helps in their own way. A lovely book for wanna-be ballerinas.
  • Goldilocks and Just One Bear written and illustrated by Leigh Hodgkinson. I spent a lot of time thinking about how much this book visually resembled Lauren Child, and it turns out that Leigh Hodgkinson is an illustrator for “Charlie and Lola” so that’s ok. I enjoyed the continuation and reorientation of the Goldilocks story.

Movies Watched:

  • “Sherlock Holmes” So silly. I adored it.
  • “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” I adored it so much that I immediately watched the sequel! Everyone clearly had such a good time making these films.
  • “The Prestige” Very tricksy. I had figured out one of the GIANT SPOILERS, but not the other. I’m interested to go back and see how OTHER GIANT SPOILER was done, because while Christopher Nolan might not give you all the details you need upfront, he never cheats and withholds important information–if you pay attention, it’s all there. I’m going to read the book too, because I’m sure there are more twists and turns that got left out of the movie.
  • “The Adventures of Tintin” Loved it! Can’t wait for the sequel. It hit all the right Tintin notes, and had lots of allusions to other adventures, and I’m so annoyed with myself for not having seen it in the theater.
  • “In Bruges” Loved this too! Very funny and very violent. I’m sorry I was such a sulky teenager and refused to ever go to Bruges with my family when we were in Belgium. F*king Bruges.
  • “Casino Royale” I suppose this is the best James Bond film I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t go crazy and consider myself a fan. It was an interesting plot, and I liked that it was an origin story, but I feel no need to go back and submerge myself in the canon.

Grand Totals:

  • Books: 34/50
  • Movies: 36/50

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