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  • “Don 2” So very silly, and utterly enjoyable. Everyone involved clearly had fun. I cannot wait to see the inevitable next installment of the franchise.
  • “Hugo” Loved it! It was an amazing adaptation of the book. The 3D wasn’t at all gimmicky, and the critics who think it’s too sophisticated for kids can get stuffed. I would have absolutely loved this when I was 10.
  • “Soundtrack” Much better than I was expecting it to be, but by no means exceptional. Mostly I watched it as a way to try out an app that I think I’ll be using a lot.
  • “Marigold” It was pretty bad (again, I’ve seen far worse), but there were a few redeeming moments. Clearly the filmmakers really like and enjoy Bollywood films, and wanted to share that love with a wider audience, but it just didn’t work.

Grand Totals:

  • Books: 3/50
  • Movies: 4/50

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