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My blog formatting seems to be borked. I’ve tried to fix it to the best of my (limited) abilities, even going so far as to scrap my lovely outsider template and return to a boring Blogger template. That fixed some of the issues, but alas, not all.

I’m not really sure what to do next, so if anyone has any brilliant ideas, I’m all ears. ūüė¶

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"Love Aaj Kal"

Jai and Meera¬†are a modern couple in London. They’ve been together for a year or so when they decide to break up for practical, modern reasons: Meera is going to India for an indeterminate amount of time to work on a restoration project at the Red Fort, and Jai is hoping to move to San Francisco to work on the Golden Gate Bridge. And since they both know that long distance relationships never work out, they decide to end things on a high note–they even go so far as to have a Break Up Party!

But of course life is never that simple. Jai and Meera still talk and chat and e-mail each other all the time, and even though they’ve both moved on to other relationships, somehow they haven’t really moved on.

Running parallel to Jai and Meera’s¬†story is that of Veer and Harleen. Veer meets Jai in modern day¬†London, and tells him his love story in an effort to convince him not to let Meera¬†go. Forty years ago, things were very different. Veer fell in love with Harleen¬†without ever once having spoken to her, and swore to make her his bride. Despite Harleen being engaged to another man, Veer persevered. Can Jai take Veer’s lesson to heart before it’s too late?

I had gotten a hold of the soundtrack before I saw the movie, and based on how much I liked the music, and what I had heard about the movie, I decided to buy it. (I had wanted to see it when it was playing here, but couldn’t get organized fast enough to make it.) This can be risky, but luckily I enjoyed the film. It wasn’t the best movie ever made, and I was sad about how my favorite song looked onscreen, but the fabulous flashbacks to Veer and Harleen’s story made it all worthwhile.

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