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Alexia Tarabotti is something of a burden to her mother. Not only is she 25, unmarried, and unfortunately half Italian, she also has no soul. Even in liberal Victorian London, where werewolves and vampires have become integrated into polite society (more or less), and even play important roles in government, being soulless is something that is frowned on. But when newly born vampires are found across London with no discernible connection to any vampire hive, and Alexia is suspected of being involved, she must join forces with the large, loud, rude, messy, and, most unbearable of all, SCOTTISH werewolf Lord Maccon to clear her name. If only he weren’t so attractive as well!

There is a strong kinship to the early Peabody and Emerson books, to wit: parasols, buttons, spinsters, verbal sparring, and a rollicking good story. Unlike the Peabody and Emerson books, there are vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and a host of other supernatural beings; Egyptology is a bit thin on the ground. Much like my friend K, I giggled my way through this one, and am looking forward to the second in the series. Changeless is due out in March (or possibly April) 2010.

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Source: borrowed from library, but I’ll be buying it

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