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Greg Heffley is a pretty typical middle school-aged boy. His parents embarrass him, his younger brother Manny is annoying, his older brother Rodrick picks on him, and he’s afraid that his nerdy best friend Rowley is going to negatively affect his (non-existent) popularity. And of course, Greg always has a cunning plan to fix things…except that it never quite works out the way he thinks it should. In fact, things usually end up worse.

The books are insanely popular, and with good reason: they are hilarious. Greg is an incredibly authentic narrator, and kids of all reading levels really identify with him. As Kurtis Scaletta so brilliantly summed up on FB: “He’s kind of a jerk but he always makes me laugh.”

Started as an online comic in 2004, the first one was published as a book in 2007. There’s even a Wimpy Kid movie in the works, due out sometime in 2010.

I enjoy them an awful lot. Anything that gets kids this excited about reading is a good thing; the fact that they’re actually well-written and enjoyable by fans of all ages is just icing on the cake!

Official Wimpy Kid site

Source: borrowed from library

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My Dad collects fonts, and sent me this link: Twilight fonts

The title says it all: Jimmy Fallon almost gets sued by Twilight producers

And three articles, from a variety of sources:

This is my favorite, and makes the best points (using the strongest language): The Edward Cullen Underpants Conundrum

A different take on sexuality as presented in Twilight: Sexual Longing in an Ab-Only World: The Twilight Saga

Some of these I agree with, others not so much: Top 20 Unfortunate Lessons Girls Learn From Twilight

This pretty sums up how I feel about Twilight:

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I’m thankful that I got to watch “Mr Rogers Neighborhood” on TV growing up.

15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever

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How Our Brains Learned to Read

Now I want to read the book, as geeky reading-related things always interest me!

More about the book and author Stanislas Dehaene.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for:

  • Mr Lush,
  • Lush Puppy,
  • all our stuff,
  • friends and family,
  • and that I only have to make one pie for today’s extravaganza.
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    Library as Netflix?

    Hayward libraries to borrow Netflix model

    Hayward’s fine-free library system

    While I think there is the kernel of a good idea in this plan, the very breezy answers the director provides to some questions give me pause.

    • Whenever three or more people are on the waiting list, an additional copy will be acquired. Er, is their budget unlimited??? We have lots and lots of books with 3+ people on the list–that just doesn’t seem like a viable number to me if they hope to continue this for any length of time.
    • Our collection has very few out-of-print items in the first place – we simply do not have the space in our buildings nor the demand from our community to justify storing older, little used items for very long. I’m sorry, but books go out of print ALL THE TIME. There is absolutely no way they can have “very few” out of print books in their collection, full of popular items though it may be.

    Basically, this looks like a big old FAIL-in-waiting to me, but I’ll be interested to see how it plays out.

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    The winners of Unshelved’s 2009 Pimp My Bookcart have been announced!

    I’m glad to see that my favorite was a runner up.


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