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Nick Ryves is a 16 year old with a bad attitude who’s almost always in trouble and can’t wait to quit school. He’s also handy with a sword, and a cold-blooded killer…of demons and wizards. Nick and his brother Alan (with their more or less insane mother in tow) have been on the run from said demons and wizards ever since their father was killed eight years ago. Things had been going as well as could be expected recently, but everything takes a drastic turn for the worse when Mae and her brother Jamie show up at Nick and Alan’s door. Alan agrees to help the siblings despite Nick’s protests, and everything seems to go even more horribly wrong from that point forward.

Although I wasn’t jazzed about this book when I started reading it, it really grew on me, and I was completely invested by the time I finished it. I am most definitely looking forward to the sequels, and I’m really interested to the how The Big Plot Twist plays out in them. I really grew to care about Nick and Alan, and Jamie and Mae, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again soon.

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