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Laurel and her parents have moved to a new town, and after years of homeschooling, she is attending public high school for the first time. While the first few days are a little rough, Laurel soon makes a few friends and settles into a routine. Everything changes when she wakes up one morning with a bump on her back, a bump that despite everything she tells herself, is no ordinary zit. When a flower sprouts from her back where the bump had been, Laurel can no longer deny that she is very different from everyone else around her.

She might just be a faerie. And with this new knowledge, another world suddenly opens up to Laurel.

I absolutely loved this book, and stayed up waaaaay too late so I could finish it in one sitting. The story, the characters, and their world are absolutely perfect; there is nothing that I would change. I’m not sure why this book struck such a chord with me, but it’s been a while since I’ve been so fully swept up in a book. I know there are several sequels planned, but I am honestly content with how Wings ended; I’ll still read them, but I know they very likely won’t seem as perfect, and that makes me a little bit sad.

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Source: review copy from publisher

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