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Surinder Sahni is smitten with Taani as soon as he meets her. An unexpected tragedy strikes during her wedding celebrations, leaving Taani’s betrothed dead, and her father at death’s door after a massive heart attack. Her father begs Taani to marry his former student Surinder so he can die in peace, knowing she will be well looked after. Taani reluctantly agrees, but tells Surinder that while she will be a dutiful wife to him, she can never love again.

Surinder and Taani return to Amritsar, and begin their life together. Surinder tries to be the best possible husband to his adored Taani, but unsurprisingly, she is very unhappy. As time goes on, however, she manages to make the best of her new life. Then one day, she sees something that sparks her interest and brings back a shadow of her former self, and Surinder agrees to let her sign up for dance lessons in the hopes that she can be happy again.

Knowing that he falls hopelessly short of the filmi heroes she admires, Surinder decides to disguise himself (with some help from his best friend Bobby) and join the dance lessons as well. Confident in his brash new identity of Raj, Surinder feels free to tell Taani everything that is in his heart, especially since she does not realize that her annoying dance partner is really her uninspiring husband in disguise.

But when Taani starts to develop feelings for Raj, things get complicated.

Best Learning To Dance montage since “Footloose:”

It’s fluffy, it’s predictable, it’s a little bit trite, but the charm of the lead actors helps the movie to rise above its shortcomings. My one complaint is that the whole setup is very unfair to Taani, even if it stems from the very best of intentions.

NYT review (I had thought this review was more critical, but I can longer find the phantom review I sort of vaguely remember reading a few months ago…somewhere. Oh well.)

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