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At the winery.

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Panel on Leadership. Interesting stuff!

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From here.

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Cake and Paradoy

From one of my very favorite blogs, Cakewrecks, comes this Twilight-inspired monstrosity: The Twilight of our Discontent.

It is truly awesome in its mediocrity. Love! 😀

And a hilarious trailer parody:

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I guess I’m so far into the cloud that I fail to see the point of this Thing.

I do have stuff stored on my actual hard drive, but that’s mostly just pictures and music, both of which can migrate to the cloud without too much bother; I hardly ever create documents or presentations outside of work since I’m no longer in school; who on earth saves their e-mail to their hard drive???

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I saw this a few weeks ago, and was gobsmacked. “Twilight” umbrellas. OMGWTFBBQ!

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Modern Life

If Only Literature Could Be a Cellphone-Free Zone

Even with the seeming ubiquity of cellphones, there are still plenty of opportunities for missed connections, not to mention the fact that not everyone has a cellphone. Yet. When Mr Lush and I were in Japan, for example, our cellphones didn’t work at all since they aren’t 3G, and we never managed to find any wifi signals either. Totally incommunicado for 10 days, except for the very occasional (and expensive) Internet café visit.

Personally, I’m more impressed by authors (and film makers) who incorporate new technologies rather than look for clever ways to circumvent them.

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