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Facebook Woes

Friends, Until I Delete You

This is fascinating! It’s another example of how people behave differently in the online world than they do in the “real” world.

Everyone I am friends with on Facebook, I know in real life. People I don’t like in real life, I am not friends with on Facebook. I am not Facebook friends with people I don’t know–I save that sort of indiscriminate friending for Twitter! (Kidding, more or less.)

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I tried the embed feature in Google Maps, but couldn’t figure out how to zoom the map in to the Twin Cities. So I took a screen shot instead.

Here is the link to my map.

I made a list of restaurants in the Twin Cities that I like. Once I figured out how to create a map, it was clear sailing, although I haven’t gone back through to add my own notes on each restaurant.

I’m not sure how exactly libraries would best utilize this, but it’s great for personal use–creating a map for visiting friends, tracing your route on vacation, making a database of local business you enjoy.

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Novel’s Characters Leap From the Page, Literally

I love love love the books, and will see the movie at some point, but I hold out no great hopes for it, based on the reviews I have been reading.

Why they changed the title for book two but not for books one and three, I will never know.

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Hedgehogs for Lisa

When we lived in Germany (for the second time), there was a hedgehog that lived in our garden. This was a very good thing, as there was a brook running through, and consequently lots of slugs. As an interesting aside, the German word for slug literally means “naked snail.” These slugs were huge, and loved to eat the marigolds that Mama Lush planted.

Mama Lush was not pleased.

In order to encourage the hedgie to remain and munch up slugs night after night, we put out bowls of sliced bananas, since hedgies love to eat bananas almost as much as they love to eat slugs. After several days of relentless begging, I was allowed to stay up and watch for the hedgie. It was So! Cute! And its little nose snorfeled in a most adorable way.

My younger brother was not allowed to stay up to see it, and I’m not sure if he’s gotten over the disappointment yet.

And that’s my story.

(The Belgium hedgie story is not a happy story, so I will refrain from telling it.)

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31. More Twitter

I’m such a n00b.

I still haven’t quite “got” Twitter, although I’m almost there; I’m following more people, and I’m experimenting with what and how to post. I also added a feed to my blog in place of the badge I was using before.

I’m still using a default Twitter background, which clearly denotes my skill level–but at least I’ve uploaded a picture!

Really fun tool, but I need to get more used to using it.

Update: I’ve gone Twitter mad! Well, not as badly as some people, but I’m using it a lot more, and am having so much fun with it. Follow me!

I realized that unlike Facebook, it made no sense to restrict Twitter to people I actually know in real life–the whole point of Twitter is to have “conversations” with lots of different people, people you wouldn’t normally be able to connect with in person. Let’s be honest: there’s no way that Barak Obama or Meg Cabot would be my friend if I approached them on the street, but they both follow me on Twitter.

I’m not going to follow back every person who follows me, since many of them are spam marketing accounts. But if someone seems to be interesting, I’ll follow them; I follow a lot of people that I know next to nothing about because I enjoy what they can express in 140 characters.

One last amusing anecdote: my younger brother, the computer programmer, does not have a Twitter account, and is amused that I’m consistently a much earlier adopter of new-fangled tech than he is. 😀

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I will be honest: I never looked at my RSS feeds after setting them up for Thing 3, and have deleted out what I originally put in. The blogs that I follow on Blogger show up on my feeds page, but I don’t access them from there. I will add some new feeds, and try to keep up.

Feeds aren’t how I’m used to getting my information–I visit sites I’m interested in, and find information that way. Having all of the sites I’m interested in delivered in a big lump decreases the chances that I’ll actually see anything I care about, and will frustrate me as I try to keep my head above water. If, for example, I don’t look at John Green’s blog for a week, I can either go directly to his site and catch up there, or I can be overwhelmed by *everything* that I’ve not looked at in the past week in RSS.

“Oversubscribe” is tip number one for making your RSS experience better???? The only answer I have to that is the Internet colloquialism OMGWTFBBQ. Does not compute

I like the idea of Delicious, but like RSS feeds, I haven’t touched it since the original Things. I stand by my assessment that it’s a great tool, and I can see lots of uses for it, but it really doesn’t apply to my life. I have bookmarks on my personal computer, which is a laptop, and a quick Google search can usually get me to the site I want if I am not by my bookmarks. For a complex school or work project, this would be heaven-sent. For my own personal use, much less so. I will add more bookmarks, and try to use them. Once I get my account cleaned up, I will add a badge here.

Update: I’ve added more things to Delicious (super tedious to do in big batches!) and now have a badge on my sidebar again.

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Duck and Friend

Via here.

I realized that I don’t have very many ducks posted here, and must remedy that. Believe it or not, I have more rubber ducks than I do shoes.

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