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The Given Day

I put The Given Day on my reading list because it got good reviews, but I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it. My associations with Lehane are cops blah blah, Boston blah blah. Blah. Not really my cup of tea.

Imagine my surprise when only a few pages in, I realize that this book is *good* and that Lehane can really write. I’ve been plowing through it today since I stayed home sick, and I’m in the home stretch. It’s full of complex, complete characters, and the story is fascinating. It’s the best possible kind of historical novel, and you can tell that he’s done his research–but the research never ever gets in the way of the story. A most excellent read.

I don’t know if I’ll bother going back to read any of his previous books, but I’ll buy this one for myself for sure.

Source: borrowed from library

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