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Books Quiz of 2008

It’s very British-centric (it is put on by The Guardian after all). I got 18/33, which is apparently “Not entirely bad. You’ve clearly read a few books. Just not very many.” I beg to differ–I’ve read lots of books, just not the ones they’re asking questions about! 😀

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I reached my limit yesterday:

In-person reference + Phone reference + E-mail reference + IM reference = Too Much

Especially when a) it’s super busy and b) I’m all alone.

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Rescue Animals

We had a program with rescue animals today. So! Cute!

Officer Carl and Mike

Blossom and Phineas

Tri (you can’t tell from this picture, but he only has three legs)

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Happy Holidays

The front runners for favorite present are this and this. I also got a stack of books, as per usual.

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The Original

We never have presentations this fun at our staff day:

Humorous Pictures
more animals

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Twilight is Funny

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