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Haiku and Review

How much do I like this haiku? An awful lot.

Hot guys take classics
And act in plays by Shakespeare–
Can Janet save Tom Lane?

From here.

I love love love Pamela Dean’s Tam Lin. It’s a retelling of the Tam Lin ballad which takes place at pseudo-Carleton College in the 1970s. I read the book for the first time when I was in college–ironically, at St. Olaf College, the cross-town arch-rival of Carleton. I identified intensely with the characters, most especially Janet. College life and the mythological blend seamlessly to create a completely believable world. It’s a hugely satisfying read.

My other absolute beloved favorite retelling of the ballad is Diana Wynne Jones’ Fire and Hemlock. In this version, Thomas the Rhymer ballad elements are intermingled with Tam Lin elements. If it’s possible, I love this book even more than the other. I read it for the first time when I was about 14 or 15, and adored it from the very first page. Diana Wynne Jones is my all-time favorite author, and this is one of my very favorite books by her.

On a completely superficial note, why on earth do the reissues of these two books have such dreadful covers??? Mine look like this:

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My father decided it would be fun to make some personalized M&Ms; now you can use images, instead of just adding text and picking a color! Wisely realizing that Mom wouldn’t want to be an M&M, and not liking any of the pictures of him that were available, Dad decided to use me and Mr. Lush. (Oh joy.) So he messed around in Photoshop, submitted his design, and here’s the result:

The picture Dad used is from my graduation party two years ago. I am sicker than a dog with summer flu, but at least the canvas is small enough that you can’t really tell how under the weather I am. Ironically, the picture he ganked our heads from is the one I have on display at my desk. I may have to switch it out for something different…

You can make your own photo M&Ms here.

ETA: Dad says it was two separate photos that he stole our heads from. I should probably find a more recent photo to display in any case.

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Dear Office Max:

I hate the reams of paper you send us for the printer/copier. There is no earthly reason why these should be wrapped in impossible-to-open plastic, rather than user friendly paper–which, by the way, is also recyclable.


No love,

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My Little Pony

My Little Stormtrooper by ~Spippo on deviantART

Um, wow.

Here’s the gallery. Via BoingBoing.

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Made of Win

Sticky Note Experiment by EepyBird from Eepybird on Vimeo.


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I’m a superstar!

The Animoto video I made of our wii bowling event is on the library’s internal homepage. Now everyone can see my mad skillz.

ETA: It was linked on the the main page as well; here’s the clip. Go me!!

ETA: AND we got a nice write-up in the staff newsletter! Fame and fortune will surely soon be mine!

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I Amuse Myself

From here, via here.

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Printer Rage... bah

This is not the reference printer at my library.

This is, however, this is what the reference printer at my library more or less looked like not too long ago. Except the mess I made was bigger…

Toner 1, Floating Lush 0.

From here.

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All About Mr. Elephant, in His Becoming Green Suit

Freeing the Elephants

Many of the books I love from my childhood in Europe are practically unknown in the US. I’m glad that Babar has made the cut, even if I still think you are all barbarians for not adoring Tintin, Asterix, or the books of Michael Ende and Astrid Lindgren.

Other things you should embrace: Playmobil, Nutella, and Haribo.

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