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Anne with an "e"

I loved the Anne books when I was younger, and I still love them now.

Anne of Green Gables Still Enchants A Century Later

I’m not sure how I feel about this though…

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I am going to participate in the MELSA bookcart drill team.

Now I just need to find a gown and tiara. This looks promising…

Also, I will have to figure which of my fabulous shoes are appropriate parade shoes. I wouldn’t want to break a heel, after all.


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It’s comforting to know that all sorts of libraries have similar issues with teens.


Follow up, 5/5/2008.

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La Cuisine

I love Top Chef, I really do. Although I have to agree with this article: almost everyone seems to be a potty-mouth this season.

I am disappointed that Anthony Bourdain isn’t a regular blogger this time around though. The man can write. I’ve enjoyed his books as well, although I haven’t read the mysteries, just the culinary memoirs. (He does have a blog for his Travel Chanel show, so all is not lost.)

On an unrelated note, this made me *gigglesnort* on the desk:
humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

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Books and Reading

While fewer people seem to be reading books these days, more people seem to be publishing them.

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Wikipedia as a book.

(Aber nur auf Deutsch.)

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Humor 2.0

There’s a very funny (and totally NSFW) parody of Common Craft videos. My dear circle of Internet friends has alerted me to it.

It can be seen here.

I warn you: it’s not for the easily offended. Especially if you have no sense of humor about Web/Library 2.0.

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