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15. Gaming

I’ve been playing computer games for approaching 25 years (and now I feel old), but I just don’t enjoy MMOPRGs. I like to play at my own pace with no other involvement. I’ve poked a bit at Second Life, but it doesn’t appeal; I like the puzzels that are in Pirate Puzzels, but I don’t like the forced and fake “interaction” with the other pirates.

If I want to be a pirate, I will play Monkey Island; if I want puzzels I will play Professor Layton or Tetris. And there’s always good old Solitaire. What can I say–my tastes are simple.

Some of my friends really enjoy playing these games (World of Warcraft or City of Heroes / Villains), but if I want to play a game with other people, I prefer to do it face-to-face.

And I don’t like RPGs in person either.

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14. LibraryThing

This is the Thing I have been looking forward to the most. Oh LibraryThing, how I ❤ you!

I love this application so much, I have a lifetime membership, and have cataloged all of the books I own–by ISBN, no less. I have tagged each and every book, and I have faithfully rated them as well. I have made sure that the covers displayed match the covers on my books. I wish I could add my CDs and DVDs too.

Here is the account I made today:

(I do actually own all of these books, but my real account is Top Secret.)

11/2008 ETA: The list is now a reflection of the books I have read since approximately January 2008. Some I own, many I have checked out from the library. I will continue to update it.

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13. Productivity

Hmm. For the most part, these seemed more like time wasters than productivity tools to me. I made an iGoogle page, but put more gadgets on it than anything else. Penguins that follow my cursor are cute, but are they necessary?

The calendar function in Google is nice, but since I already have to have my work calendar on Outlook, I doubt I’m going to go through the bother of creating and maintaining another one.

The lists features are ok…but I tend to need my lists when I’m not by a computer. Like, in the grocery store, or at a bookstore, or in Target. So these aren’t something I foresee myself using.

I do like the list that Lifehacker put together, and their site in general–it appeals to me because it covers a broad range of things, rather than focusing on one and only one area.

If I ever get the longed-for iPhone, I may change my mind about many of these sites. Until then, I probably won’t use them much. I did make a ticker that counts down the time left in 23 Things, from here; contrary to what it seems, there are many other tickers available besides fertility ones.

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25 Things

Teen Tech Week is quite similar to our 23 Things, so I suppose it’s good to be getting some practice.

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12. To Digg or Not to Digg

Of the four sites (Mixx, Digg, NewsVine, and Reddit) I like Digg and NewsVine best. Mixx was having issues with the site, and I found Reddit’s setup to be displeasing.

The article I wanted to share had already been shared, so I dugg it. (I sound like a bad sitcom here.)

I personally don’t find these sites very appealing, but I can see how others might–it’s kind of like YouTube rankings, only not just for videos. I tend to look for things I might find interesting on my own, rather than heading to an aggregator like this; I trust what my friends recommend as interesting, but I tend to be less in synch with Random People on the Intarwebs. For me these sites are time wasters, as I would rather just go to a trusted news source, where I know I will find something of interest, than sort through a list of what other people find interesting to see if any of it actually is. I can select broad topics on most of the sites, but even that is not surefire way of finding interesting things. I should add that NewsVine seems to be more news oriented, while the other three are all over the map.

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How Odd

Our payphone was removed today.

The odd part is that no one here knew anything about this, until a patron mumbled something about the phone in the lobby having a problem. Ever intrepid, DOA went out to investigate before calling the phone company.

The phone was not there. As in, totally removed from the wall.

I worked yesterday, and I was pretty sure that the phone was there. I also didn’t remember any calls intimating that the phone was about to be removed. No one this morning had been approached about removing the phone.

It was a Monday Morning Mystery.

Our Fearless Leader investigated, and after many calls to various people, it was determined that the phone was removed this morning by the company that owns it. Apparently the thing doesn’t make enough money for them to want to keep it here. If we want it back, we can pay $60/month for the privilege. Oh, and it’s also our responsibility to cover up the hole in the wall with wires in it, and remove the “Public Phone” sign.

The fun never ends around here!

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11. Tagging

I think del.icio.us is a great tool. I’m probably not going to use it very much in my personal life because 1) I have a laptop and 2) there are very few sites I need to go to that I don’t already have bookmarked or memorized. However, if I were still in school, this would be a fabulous way of keeping track of my research sites! Here is what I’ve tagged so far.

I can see this being used in libraries to replace a links list, for example, and I think the libraries highlighted have used del.icio.us in innovative and interesting ways. Obviously any sort of tool like this will need to be maintained and updated, but I can see the appeal.

A fun, yet useful, tool that I now know more about.

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